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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

City council candidate Shampine says he will focus on economic development that provides good-paying jobs

Michael Shampine says economic development is the drive engine of the community, but it must be done wisely. "We need economic development that makes sense," Shampine said. "We can no longer afford economic development at any cost. It is time to see that we get a decent return on our tax dollars." If elected to Decatur City Council, Shampine intends to work toward that end. Shampine also pledged to conduct government business in the "light of day" and bring together a diverse group of community members to help map the city's future.

This is a good article by the Herald & Review today on Shampine. The interesting development here is that Marty Easterling B.A. for Laborer's 159, a member of the big five unions not expected to back Shampine, came out in support of Shampine. This will turn into an interesting four person race, it's hard to tell who's ahead now, but I'm sure we'll start getting a good idea within the next few weeks.