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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Hatfields and the McCoys

Before we start this post I would like to say this, there are two sides to every argument, some people accuse me of being on one side, others accuse me of being on the other. To be truthful I don't care, I just want someone willing to move past it all.
The Democrat Party in Macon County for the last few years has been embroiled in what could politiely be called civil unrest, bordering on an all out war. Results of these skirmishes include: a newly elected county officer being run out of office, the county chairman's son in line to become county sheriff arrested and fired from the force, a republican actively recruited and supported by democrats to run against another democrat, a failed takeover at the party elections leading to a splinter group forming made up of primarily Decatur Township precinct committeeman, two seperate headquarters operating for the general election blocks from each other, the county board democrat caucus violating the open meetings act to hold a caucus about re-electing the county board chairman, a former vice-chairman of the county party writing a letter to the editior demanding all county board members at that caucus be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and finally with the upcoming township caucuses another proxy battle for control will be held.
What is the start of all this, the answer, as it always is, is a long story. In its simplest terms the Macon County Democrat Central Committee has allied itself with the five big trade unions in Decatur, and the Decatur Township Democrats have allied themselves with the Central Labor Council. With one side, or both sides, it changes on who tells the story trying to destroy the other side, and exclude them at every possible turn. People say that it is an intra-labor dispute that has spilled out to the rest of the Democrat Party. But, one thing is sure, right or wrong, both sides are damaging the party. What is it about a house divided not standing?
Both sides must be willing to move forward and work to serve the party rather than themselves. Is this possible, will the crevass ever be bridged? Tune in next week as we explore the aftermath of the Precinct Committeeman's meeting on December 16th.