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Friday, December 17, 2004

Homeless in Decatur

Marchers bring attention to plight of homeless in Macon County through Oasis Day Center event

This year, 10 people have died in the county because of being homeless, and there are some whose whereabouts are not known, said Nancy Rude, program director at Oasis Day Center.
It's much to easy to walk past, or otherwise ignore the people that have less than us. I was shocked when I read that 10 people in Macon County have died from being homeless this year. It's not a problem that is just going to end. We need to work more in developing city-private organizations contacts that would be able to help the less fortunate. Instead of spending millions of dollars to fill in a hole in downtown, or pursue a water park that isn't going to be built, wouldn't it be better to invest in our people?