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Friday, December 17, 2004

Precinct Committeemen's Meeting

Well we had our Precinct Committeemen's meeting tonight, it was suprisingly informative and non argumentative. As a non member of the Central Committee it's fun just to be able to watch it all unfold. The Executive Director of the Township Officials of Illinois was there to explain caucus procedures for the upcoming township caucuses. There will be 21 caucuses in Macon County, 17 Township Caucuses, and 4 Multitownship Caucuses. Now, if you can follow that, that means we will be electing 17 township clerks, 17 road commissioners, 17 township supervisors, 68 township trustees, 11 township assessors, and 4 multi-township assessors. Underneath those elected officials you then have appointed positions which include cemetary trustees, and all sorts of other positions. Now, I'll add this, every single one of those elected officials is drawing a salary. As far as I know the only township that has a role in serving the people is the Long Creek Township, which operates more as a village than a township. When it comes to everything else, we would be well served to at worst, combine all of the townships together, and at best turn all the roads over to the county, and serve the rest of the functions through the state. It would serve the taxpayers well, and remove a level of bloated, and sometimes corrupt government from our backs.