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Monday, December 20, 2004

A red Macon County or Better dead than Red

Macon County going for Bush was the focus in the first part of a four part series the State Journal Register is doing on downstate Politics. The big question is what happened and why? The simple part of that is Bush won Macon County which one of the few blue spots on the county by county map of the 2000 election. How did Bush win when every other Republican above county board level was soundly beaten. One theory is as follows:
Bradley also thinks likeability goes a long way in presidential races. "That 'Aw, shucks,' mispronunciation thing worked quite well for Bush in smaller towns," he said. "For a lot of voters, that's what it boils down to - which one would you rather go out for a beer with."
But can it really be that simple? Was it about likeability, the war, gays gods and guns? It might be we really were afraid of change. But in Macon County the Democratic Party didn't do much to help Kerry's cause. We have an entrenched view that if we have yard signs we'll win. Yard signs is the first part of getting a vote, you get your name noticed, then you talk to the person and get them to say they'll vote for you, then you make sure they show up. It's not simple, it's just work, and we have a ruling cabal who doesn't want to do the work, but wont step out of the way and let others do the work.
All politics are local, Bush won Macon County because he related to the people. We won everything else because we were blessed with great candidates, as well as a ton of money to back them. But we can do better, lets make Macon County Blue again in '06.