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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ahead of the times and Vendetta

After reading the Herald and Review today Ahead of the times and Vendetta are the two things that come to mind. With regards to Ingram's column today, I say this, the power of blogs. The power of blogs my friends. One of the positives about blogs is, a lot of our stuff bombs, but a few nuggets come out. In writing print, you have to be on all the time or you're done. So looking at Ingram's column today, with the exception of the polling places, I think it could be retitled the Best of the Blogs. Everything in their has already been covered by us. Do I think that its a bad thing, hell I don't even know if Ingram comes here, but if he does I think its a good thing. I think we could all work together for the greater good. We break things, go out on a limb to get them there, and if they fail, its nothing big. With the print world, well just look at "Rathergate".

Anywho, on to the Vendetta part. The Herald & Review editorial board should really disclose that its trying to keep Mayor Garman's job. I'm hard pressed to believe that Mayor Garman cares about the city of Decatur. I think he cares about the Downtown first people, and trying to expand the cities offerings to them, and thats it. And now, with three votes against him on the council, he's fighting for his job. Mayor Garman if you are reading this, which you likely aren't I would just like to ask you this simple question, in your tenure what have you done to make the lives of ALL decatur residents better? Anyone else feel free to try and answer that question as well. TDD signing off.