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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Caucus last night

My compliments to every single person that showed up last night to the Decatur Township Caucus. You did your service to democracy. To those upset, respect the process, you had your chance to pack the house just like everyone else. To the victors, be gracious and reach out, we can't divide and win, we must unite and conquer. If succesful in your campaigns, and job openings occur, help out our friends who didn't make it out of the caucus. They know the township business, and if they are willing to take a position, I think it would make everyone's lives better.

More potential Democratic voters, 17, were barred from the balloting at the Decatur Public Library auditorium because they arrived after the 6 p.m. deadline for admission than appeared for the GOP caucus in the Macon County Office Building, where 16 people voted by acclamation for their slate of candidates.

Edited for the interest of party unity