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Saturday, January 22, 2005

City Council Cattle Call

Who's up who's down, you've got your ear to the ground let me know, here's my thought.
1. Shad Edwards - Incumbent, getting a good ground game going.
2. Mike Shampine and Besty Stockard - Incumbents usually have the advantage, but Stockard has no ground organization thus far, edge goes to Shampine.
3. Dan Caulkins - Well known with the Downtown First voters, vulnerable on race issues, expect those to be exploited at some point. P.S. Dan - Don't put your signs on right of ways, AFSCME does not like you.
4. Pat McDaniels - Not doing much, turning into a perenial candidate.
5. Kim Keck - Saw a few signs, big question still remains, who are you? Don't let your opponents define you before you define yourself.
6. That other guy - what's his name?

Let's hear your thoughts!