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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Farm Team

In a comment down the page one reader wrote in about the need for a farm team for the Macon County Democrats. Well who's our farm team boys? The guys at the county building aren't getting any younger these days. In fact I'd be willing to say in the next 8 years we'll see many changes up there. Who are we putting forth in training to take their place? Shouldn't that be something we pursue? We weren't left with too many options when Rep. Curry left us. I'm quite happy with how Flider has turned out, but I can't help but think what would have happened if we had that one great Democrat that we had lined up waiting. The same with the sheriff's office, and the numerous county board members that have been nominated. We don't have a good farm team right now to recruit. I like the idea of staying in our party and not appointing republicans to our offices. So how do we develop this farm team? Should the county party get involved in non-partisan elections to develop candidates at the very grass roots level? For some reason thats condisered taboo in these parts it seems. Anyways I've left you with a lot of questions, discuss amongst yourselves. Oh and while we're at it, The captain of the farm team, ladies and gentleman, Dan Lightner.