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Friday, January 14, 2005

Follow up to the Caucus

Hey guys maybe we should stop airing our dirty laundry for all to see.

Macon County Democratic Chairman Maurice Doyle issued a statement late Tuesday evening saying he was "terribly upset" by how the Decatur Township caucus was handled and the defeat of four-term Clerk G. Jean Friend and Trustee Nora Hunt. "I was in support of our incumbent Democrats," Doyle said. "I sent a letter out supporting them. It's a shame they lost."

Taylor, who is African-American, said Wednesday all major party officers chosen in March were white males and none were from Decatur Township. He said those men were not representative of the Democratic Party. "When it comes to the party, they don't want to be inclusive," Taylor said. "After people came to the caucus last March and supported me, I told them to support Maury. They've been whining ever since I ran against him. No one owns an office.
Alright guys lets look to the future not to the past. My question to Maury is if you knew something was up January 6th, then why didn't you organize to turn your people out, if you thought Jim was? Sometimes it takes more than writing a letter, it takes actual work. My question to Jim is why dont you move on past the county convention? Let's not rehash the past boys. TDD says, the process has happened, we should accept it and start shooting at the republicans, instead of each other.