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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Herald and Review does its job

I was pleasantly surprised today to see that Mike Frazier with the Herald & Review was doing the job a reporter is supposed to be doing. My general ill will towards the Herald & Review is the lack of local reporting, and the vast amouts of AP wire reports it runs, and the fact that it always seems lacking in content. Oh, and all of the local columnists are horrible, even you Tupper. But anyways, today Frazier came to the rescue big time by doing some good old fashioned reporting. Thumbs up to you Mike!
The Decatur City Council met last month in closed session to discuss the city's "very serious" negotiations with Starbucks Coffee. But the conversation quickly erupted beyond the topic at hand, according to a tape of the session released to the Herald & Review after the newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request. City Manager Steve Garman informed council members in December that the city was talking with Starbucks about bringing a coffee shop to flank the Target store at Mound Road and U.S. 51. An article soon after appeared in the Herald & Review detailing the negotiations.
I will say this though, the ideas that Garman are proposing as economic development are laughable. If we're looking at Starbucks as real economic development then we are screwed. The way to rebuild the economic foundation of this town should not be to further divide the pie, rather we should be working to build a bigger base with hi-tech and manufacturing jobs. We can have all the Starbucks, Olive Gardens, and Krispy Kremes we want, but what good are they if no one can eat there?