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Monday, January 17, 2005

Rambo Rahm steps up

I'm giddy over the fact that Illinois' own Rahm Emmanuel is now the Chairman of the DCCC. I'm very proud of the stellar delegation Republican and Democrat we have representing us in Washington these days. Other state's jealousy should be riveted upon us for a long time to come. But, anyways back to what I was starting with. Rahm Emmanuel hammered the Bush Administration and its 40 million dollar Fete in todays Chicago Tribune
Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois Democrat in charge of fundraising for Democratic congressional campaigns in 2006 and a former fundraiser for President Bill Clinton, suggested that the GOP's true stripes are showing in this war-themed inaugural celebration.

"This is just who they are," Emanuel said. "We've got a bunch of working-stiff kids who are going to serve in the Army without a policy, without Kevlar vests, without [heavily armored] Humvees, and corporate America is going to make sure it has a good party. This is their idea of sacrifice. Some will sacrifice, and some will have a Bacchanalia. That's their idea of America at war."
Hopefully the Democrats stay outspoken in their criticism of a spoiled administration for the next four years. We need to be together and be loud, so that the middle realized they are losing when they vote red. What better way to spend 40 million dollars than on russian caviar and champagne brunches. Kevlar, what, shhhhhhhhhh!