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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Requirements for a county chairman

I was going to post this in Marucco's blog under his post asking about who we thought would be the next county chairman. But, I figured it deserved its own post.
1. Fundraising - our party fundraising base is anemic at best compared to other counties of this size. We look to a few big time donors to fund us, and neglect building a fundraising base, much like the national party used to do.
2. Consensus Building - Input taken from all sides and decisions made based on that.
3. Respect - Both for people and from people.
4. Uniting - Actively willing to engage all people in building a party base.
5. Organizing - Willing to line up people and get them on the streets to spread our message.
6. Networking - Both inside Macon county and outside Macon county, electing democrats goes beyond the county line.
7. Willingness to do the work - Enough said.
And to further on Bryan's (obviously biased comments). R.C. Smith - Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, and Check.