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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Auditors and numbers

I'm a bi-partisan guy, I really am, and I'll show it. I get the feeling that a few readers seemed to think I was intent on making Jim Gresham look bad with his filings. Not the case my friend, just a simple mistake that I wanted to see fixed. Now for our next simple mistake I want to see fixed. Let's take a look at Amy Stockwell's D-2. In her filing Ms. Stockwell shows she raised $12,400.00 in itemized individual funds, with no transfers in. However if you look at it, she actually had at least $3,900.00 in funds transfered-in. While this is a simple mistake, putting the wrong designation on funds, I will say it is a lesser mistake than Mr. Gresham's. With all these numbers Auditors work with, you think they would get their own right. Any bets on how long before an amendment is filed?