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Friday, February 11, 2005

City Council Fundraising

Now we get to go back to the fun times of election reports! Now gather around children while we take a look at the Decatur City Council Race, and its fundraising numbers. The first number is the money raised in the pre-election report added to cash on hand at the start of the period, plus any A-1's that have details.
1. Mike Shampine - $11,488 raised so far, with a loan of 2,474.00
2. Shad Edwards - $8,894
3. Dan Caulkins - $7,441 raised so far, with a loan of $2,000
4. Besty Stockard - Just filed a statement of organization
5. McDaniels, Keck, and Roberts have no PAC's linked to their name.

So that's where we stand in the money race, this looks like it could make things interesting. I'm a bit suprised at Caulkins fundraising numbers, with his core consituency I thought that number would be higher. Anyone know what the burn rate is for any of the candidates right now, who's spending how much? Any thoughts?

By the way, someone should inform Shad and Dan that we're now living in the computer age, stop filing on paper!