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Sunday, February 20, 2005


We've got the primary on Tuesday, so let's have a contest. Here's what were going to do, you're going to predict how they finish 1 through 7, and since I'm sure at least most people will have some of the same lineup, you're going to put the percentage each person gets of the vote. For example if 4,000 people vote, and you think Billy Roberts is going to get 3,000 votes, then that would be 75 percent for Billy Roberts.
So let's recap this, rank them as you predict they will finish, plus the percentages to serve as a tie breaker. Email me your guess at the_decatur_democrat at yahoo dot com or TheDecaturDemocrat at gmail dot com. On wednesday I will post the winners, either using a fake name or an alias if you so choose. Let me hear your thoughts, e-mail away.