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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


In an earlier posting, I noted that our fundraising base has become dismal. I'm sure some people will say, "But TDD we spent $27,801.08 this election cycle electing democrats." Well to prove my point lets take a at our neighbor to the west, Sangamon County, and the PACs controlled by their chariman Tim Timoney. The Sangamon County Central Committee had expenditures of $98,791.65 in the same cycle as our party did. While Friends of the Party Foundation, which is also chaired by Tim Timoney spent $45,437.88 in the same cycle as we did. Finally, Friends of Chairman Tim Timoney, of which you guessed it, Tim Timoney is the chair spent $31,931.61 in this cycle. Thats $176,161.14 dollars spent by their county chairman vs. $27,801.08. Thats .92 cents per percent in Sangamon County vs. .25 cents per person in Macon County. Is the proof in the pudding? Comments welcomed.