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Friday, February 04, 2005

Hot on the trail

The Herald & Review was hot on the trail of a year and a half old court case in today's paper.
Prosecutors withdrew a complaint Thursday alleging Decatur City Council candidate Michael Shampine violated the terms of his court supervision.

Shampine, 53, president of the Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly, pleaded guilty last year to obstructing a peace officer and was placed on supervision, according to records filed in Macon County Circuit Court.
I have no problems with the reporters brining the truth to light, in fact I'm very much in favor of that. However, and let me qualify that with a big however, the Herald & Review decided this was a non-story for the last year and a half, and in doing so abdicated their responsibility to report the news, that is until it became convienent to the agenda they are pushing. I am tired of seeing candidates attacked for their past, when it won't be effecting their future, or the office they intend to run for. A bigger issue it seems to me would be why was Dan Caulkins systematically trying to disenfranchise African-American Voters on election day, or how much money was spent by the city to demolish the Webster Cantrell Hall owned by council member Betsy Stockard, while she sat on the council, and how much of that money has been recouped thus far? There are a lot of hard questions for all of the candidates to answer, Shampine answered his tough questions with the judge over a year ago, and the Herald & Review finally finds it newsworthy. Will other candidates get a free ride on their tough questions? Consider this a shot against, what Sen. Barack Obama, would refer to as "the atmoshpere of anything goes politics." Everyone has their skeletons, and I think this might end up looking like a graveyard before too long.