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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Legal Marijuana

From today's SJ-R we learn that Rep. Larry McKeon, who was the driving force behind the gay rights amendment that just recently passed, is pushing for the state to legalize medicinal marijuana.
As a state lawmaker pushes his proposal to legalize medical-use marijuana, a former drug-policy adviser to President Bush is touring Illinois lecturing against the practice.

The conflict reached a head this week, when Rep. Larry McKeon, D-Chicago, challenged Dr. Andrea Barthwell to a public debate about medical marijuana. Barthwell declined the challenge.

The proposal would allow individuals with a debilitating medical condition or their caretakers to own up to 12 cannabis plants and 21/2 ounces of usable cannabis. Individuals would be registered confiden- tially with the Illinois Department of Human Services and receive an identification card exempting them from arrest, prosecution or penalty.
Interesting article, really gives you more insight into Rep. McKeon. I knew he was our only openly gay Representative, but I didnt know he was living with AIDS, and is a former LA policeman. Being that he comes from law enforcement that should give this article more credibility. Meanwhile Dr. Barthwell is still thrashing around trying to claim some sort of relevancy.

What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana. I still don't have a decision. On one hand, I think that it would serve some good, but on the other hand it could be hard to control. I would say I lean against it at htis point, but a very slight lean at best.