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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On blogs and journalism

As a follow up to my post on the city council primary I want to explain blogs, and ask you a question. People say I can't believe you would spin the city council primary, or why aren't you objective, etc. Well the thing about blog is they are used both to inform and to persuade. Newspapers have to draw a fine line between their editorial boards and their reporting. Blogs do not, in political blogs there is no such thing as unbias or no spin. Everyone is pushing a specific agenda on a specific issue. If it's not blatantly obvious by now, my specific agenda on the city council is to elect and re-elect Mike Shampine and Shad Edwards. The name of this is the Decatur Democrat blog after all. Blogs are a genre that can combine news and politics in a way that different mediums can.

Now onto another item. One poster stated they thought that blogs were supposed to be a way to offer insight and thoughts from contacts and sources that otherwise wouldn't come to light. I replied I have been uber-careful in doing so both to remain anonymous and to avoiding throwing up unsubstantiated rumors. However my question to you all, since this is as much yours as mine for the most part, is this; do you want more of the juicy tid bits and less of the cut and dry analysis, and what caution should I take before pressing publish post? Let's hear from you.