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Monday, February 21, 2005

On politics and PACs

An interesting conversation has arisen about outside PACs in the Decatur City Council race. On one hand some people tend to think that that is an outside influence made through political connections trying to influence something that really should be important, while the other side says they are provided with their funds from people working here, and owe it to their members to give back to this area. I could see if these outside PACs were PACs that had no connection to anything in Decatur, but they are not, they are made up by and get their money from the little guy in Decatur, the bus driver, janitor, or laborer. The ones who cant really give the big donation but want someone to represent them are where these funds come from. But, anyways to you think PACs from outside Decatur are such a terrible thing to take money from, particulary Union PACs, and if they are what about about taking money from anyone or anything from outside Decatur?