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Monday, February 07, 2005

Open Call

I've put the call out to a few people with little response, so I'll open it up to everyone. What I'm looking for is biographies of different prominent democrats through the year. Someone had a list in one comment, I'm looking for the likes of Roy Anthony, Tim Donovan, The Tangneys, Lee Holsapple, John and Julie Curry, John Dunn, anyone you want to cover. Anyone interested in doing so can email me their own biography of their favorite county democrat, drop me a line at the_decatur_democrat at yahoo dot com or TheDecaturDemocrat at Gmail dot com . Of course I will use my discretion in publishing, I'm looking for positive reviews and not critical analysis. Anyone interested comment or email me. Or both!

Update - Names mentioned so far

Margaret Donovan
Irene Heinz
Sylvia Smith
Flo Smith
Lawrence,Bill, and Ed Tangney
John and Julie Curry
Robert and Kitty McCarthy
John Dunn
Roy Anthony
Marge Nuding
Dorothy Berg
Tim Donovan

Looks like the Donovans are serving as bookends today, and to anoymous who mentioned the first four, you're more than welcome to share your input as well. If you want anoymity for your biography, that will be provided as well.

From, correct me if i'm wrong, County Clerk Bean, a late addition, but one I want to bring up none the less, keep them coming!
I was glad to see Bob posting a bio on Roy Anthony who was a great friend and leader of
the party on both a state and local level. He
was great both behind the public view and when necessary presented a positive image for the Democrats in public view. He had a great license plate " VOTE". He was mister Democrat for many of us. With the two elections and all other county clerk stuff I plan to write up some short bio details of some of the "fine" Democrats> i did not call them great like another writer said.
Since i am on that Topic Ed Tangney did more over the years helping Democrats than many others. In my office hangs a picture of Harry Truman that Roy Anthony "loaned" to Ed. Ed "loaned" to me. Some day down the road I hope when I leave public service I will pass it on to another Democratic office holder.
Like I said I write a few notes about those who came before us. Many left positive marks like Connie Forcum who went on to become an assistant to Senator Dixon and Atty. General Hartigan. Jack Standerfer who was on the County Board,lost a run for Recorder, and lead the Young Democrats. A true JFK Democrat who design a memory book of Jfk for a YD State Convention. Two men who were at odds with themselves at times but both left positive marks for the party were Hallie Bafford(Democratic Chairman for 26 years) and Roy Suzewitz(County Bd. Chair) who term as Chairman is like the current Governor. It is hard to clean up after elephants after they been there for a long time. These two names will probably raises some eye brows. The past leaders and followers of Macon County Democrats have left us history to remember and build upon. Before I close we should forget Bill Oliver who can tell you all sort of stories. Jim Smith would serve on the County Board. Sarah Sain ,Effie Oliver, and Annie Williams who worked hard to bring out the vote. Yes, we got a great history even though we had not raised the funds. Remember during the Skinny Taylor era of the Republicans they raised as much as $100,000.oo to the Democrats less than $20,000.
We still beat them in most elections.