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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Primary Roundup

Stockard - Has benefit of being the only minority and one of two women running. Appeals to both Democrats and Republicans, had incumbency on her side, no suprise for her to finish first.

Edwards - As a former president of CONO he appeals to the precincts that turned out even though he is a democrat, again with incumbency on his side, second place should be expected.

McDaniel - Pat was the big suprise yesterday. With no money, he took it upon himself to take his message personally to the voters, which is very cost effective, by going door to door. Big Congratulations to him for pulling through.

Caulkins - In a boat similar to Shampine's but very different at the same time. Much money was spent, but wasn't able to finish where he needed to be, no real growth expected for him in the general unless he does something drastic.

Shampine - Again much money spent, but the difference between him and Caulkins is his base didn't turn out and Caulkins did. I still believe there is growth available to him for the general election don't count him out.

Keck - Great lady, admirable what she is doing, and she is doing it for the right reasons however she is doing it the wrong way. Take the McDaniel approach, door to door cost nothing.

Roberts - Looks like Billy's Kids is dead in the water.

I believe the top two will stay the same, and it will be a brutal battle for third in the general election. Does Pat keep doing what he's doing and keep his mouth shout? Does Caulkins try to undercut his "running mate" in Pat and go for third? Can Shampine turn out his base? 5 weeks is an eternity in politics, don't count out anything.