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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Reports from a strange and distant land

I figured I would give you all an update on what was happening in cities past our fair city on primary day.

In The People's Republic of Urbana, Laurel Prussing's political life was re-invigorated after defeating 3 term incumbent Tod Satherwaite in the Democrat Primary. Laurel is now the Mayor Presumptive of Urbana due to a lack of a republican candidate on the ballot. One Satherwaite supporter was quoted as saying,
"It's a sad day for Urbana because now we're in hippie land," It will be interesting to see if that has any implications in the upcoming Senate Race in that district.

East Moline's Mayor Joe Moreno found his fate very similar to Mayor Satherwaite's in that he lost to a challenger in the primary who has no Republican Challenger to face. John Thodus overtook Joe Moreno with a 51 to 49 percent margin. I am not sure where this battle lines up in the war for future control of the Rock Island County machine, but I can only guess at this time that proxy battles are being fought everywhere, anyone in the know chime in.

Cicero was the big suprise of the day. Cicero long known for corrupt and crooked politics which culminated in its' President being sent to jail for a 12 million dollar insurance fraud, not sure if that is the proper term, but 12 mil was funneled to her cronies. Betty Loren-Maltese, the former president current inmate, is still wildy popular in the mostly hispanic community of Cicero, however her hand picked succesor,
Ramiro Gonzalez was defeated by reform candidate Larry Dominick who won with a 51 to 49 percnet margin. Dominick immediately promised to oust village lawyer Edward R. Vrydolak, yes Fast Eddie indeed, who billed Cicero for over a million dollars in legal fees last year alone. Cicero is a strange land in and of itself, this November State Rep. Frank Aguilar - R was ousted by a stalking horse candidate who raised no money and did nothing name Michelle Chavez, pundits are still scratching their heads.

Finally, we return somewhat closer to home with a last stop at Mattoon home of the Green Wave. 72 year old Charlie White and Mark Donnell advanced out of a three man race for mayor to compete heads on april 5th. Meanwhile the list for city commissioners was pared from 18 to six. Making the cut were incumbents David Schilling and Jerry Hesse, incumbent Harold Gambrill failed to advance. Joining them for the general election race for three seats will be
David Cline, John Hayden, Dick Butler, Terry Cook, and Wanda Ferguson.

Thats a wrap up on my short look at the distant lands, let me know if you enjoyed this feature, and if it is something you would like to see continued in the future.