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Thursday, February 17, 2005

To anoymous

Stolen from the Inside Dope, the new blog for quad cities politics, www.theinsidedope.blogspot.com , I bring you this gem.
That said though, I strongly encourage posters to register and adopt a user name so that you will at least be anonymously linked to your posts. (How else can we tell who the brilliant ones are?) Endless posts from "anonymous" tend to get tedious and lame. Registration is quick, painless, completely anonymous, and free. This is crucial, as with user names, we can all come to know and love you for your brilliant posts and a community of inside dopers might develop.
How about it, even if you want to be anonymous you can still create an anonymous screen name to post with as well. It will make for a much more fun blog I promise, and its simple to do. Skip over to blogspot.com kiddies and create yourself a name, post here when you do!