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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We got gay friends in the red states

As a follow up to my post a patriot and a liberal, I've been thinking I should expand on reasons I'm a Democrat, and how too often my positions are painted as out of touch or radical. So I might as well jump on the third rail and hit on gay marriage.
I support gay marriages, not with limitations, not civil unions, but straight up marriage. I don't feel the need to apologize for that fact, or to be ashamed of that fact, because it is what I believe, and it is what I believe is just. Too often we can be intimidated into not talking about this issue, because we might be wrong, the only thing that is wrong, is not standing up for what you believe in.
The question undoubtedly would arise, why am I, a heterosexual, in favor of gay marriage? I am in favor of gay marriage for several reasons. I don't believe the government should be able to tell two adults who they can and cannot love. The extremists on the other side would say, well if you open the door to gay marriage, then why not pedophiles and bestiality? My answer to that is simple, no one is harmed when two men or two women who love each other marry each other. To throw up the argument of where do you stop is simply ridiculous and childish. It's akin to someone saying well if you legalize assault weapons, then what is next chemical and biological weapons for sale at Walmart?
Another reason I am a supporter of gay marriage is the simple fact that is a right that should be available to people simply because they are humans, and it is being denied. An injustice against one is an injustice against all, a right denied one is a right denied all. It would be easy to duck this question as not important to me, but thats not what I'm about. I believe in the fact that all people are created equal, and the government should strive to make that saying a reality.
Finally, are gay people any different then anyone else, why should they be treated as second class citizens? Is it so radical a thought as to believe that gay men should be able to inherit their partners belongings and property as easy as a heterosexual couple can, that they should be able to visit the one they love in the hospital as easy as a heterosexual couple can, that they should be able to provide for their partners with healthcare as easy as a heterosexual couple can? It is not, we are the Democrat party, we believe in the ideals of justice, of equality, of humanity. When the rights of others are obstructed, what is to stop our rights from being obstructed next?
I'm not pushing a radical out of touch agenda here folks. All I am saying is that who I am, who is the federal government, who are we to tell two adults who love each other and are harming no one that they cannot be married? I could care less if 11 states recently enacted laws against gay marriage, popularity does not translate into equality, nor into what is right, I may be just one, but I have the might of justice and equality on my side.