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Thursday, February 17, 2005

What was the gain?

In today's Herald & Review an article was written on the follow up to a car accident a month or so ago.
Toxicology tests found cocaine in the system of a Decatur woman whose death in a wreck on rain-soaked Illinois 105 sparked concerns over the state's response to road conditions.

Tracey Lynn Mell, 40, was killed early on the morning of Jan. 12 when her eastbound sedan crossed the center line and hit a westbound pickup truck head-on. The toxicology results were revealed Wednesday morning during a coroner's inquest.
All I can think is this, what is the use of knowing this for the general public? Did we really have to know this, do we have any need to know this? All I know is that two young girls woke up this morning, and at some point are going to find out their mom was using cocaine when she died. Do they really need to know that, do all the people that love her, and miss her need to know this? What at all was gained by publishing this?
I know some might say well it's important because of what was going on with the road that day and the controversy it has caused, with the IDOT and what not. Well her having cocaine in her system does not change any of the facts. 911 was called seven times and told about the issue, a state trooper informed his command of the issue, and IDOT still did nothing. The only thing, unless I'm missing something, that this article did was paint a bad picture of a dead person, and what's the point? thoughts?