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Thursday, March 10, 2005

City Council Roundup

1. Stockard - No surpise here, unless something changes expect her to be the top vote getter from here to eternity, though you were missed Monday night Betsy?
2. Edwards - Keep on keeping on, I don't expect any signfigant changes here either, Shad will most likely stay in second all the way through.
3. McDaniel - Are you alive?
4. Caulkins - Shampine - I would be hard pressed to believe they dont have a final big push planned. Little Daniel your new billboard at the end of the Franklin Overpass looks creepy at night with a spotlight on your face.
5. Keck - You know what, I've got admiration for this lady. She isn't going to win, I don't know if she knows that or not, but she is running for the right reasons, she believes she can do something to help all of us. Kudos to you, hopefully you can come back in 2007 and get on.