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Friday, March 18, 2005

City Council Roundup

1. Stockard - Suprise of all suprises, she is still on top. Though TDD hears she had no clue what she was talking about at the Environmental forum. Hopefully she keeps that streak up.

2. Edwards - The thing that people gunning to knock Edwards out is that you have to offer a compelling reason why the incumbent should not be re-elected, as well as offering a compelling reason of why you should be elected. No one has offered a reason why Shad shouldn't be, so at second he stays.

3. Shampine - I'm going to get flamed for putting Shampine at third, but I'll say this, Shampine has the appearance of momentum on his side, and thats what counts in the final weeks. Ground game, momentum, base, its all coming together.

4. McDaniel - I'm still not convinced he is alive, has done nothing to capitalize on his third place finish.

5. Caulkins - Great website, bad ideas. I think it would be a good idea to keep people that in jail, in well jail. Caulkins' idea to empty a medium security prison to clean up Decatur..........thumbs down.

6. Keck - Keep on keeping on Sister.