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Monday, March 07, 2005

HB 758

HB 758 is a bill before the state house right now that would change the amount of petition signatures needed by third parties and independent candidates need to get on the ballot. Let me give you a real quick run down on signatures neccesary to be on the ballot.
State Representative
  • Independent - 6,040 Signatures
  • Third Party - 3,020 Signatures
  • Democrat - 300 Signatures
  • Third Party -15,380 Signatures
  • Democrat - 458 Signatures
Coming off an election year where fully 50% of our state representatives and state senators ran unopposed, I am hard pressed to see how competition could hurt us. Much hurrah was made last month when Iraq held free and open elections, and yet they were more open then ours. Let me repeat that, the first election after the fall of a brutal dictator and regime, and they have more open elections than us.
Luckily there is something we can do about this. State Rep. Bob Flider - D Mt. Zion, our state rep. serves on the Campaign and Election Reform Committee, right now this bill is bottled up in Executive Committee, but next time you see Rep. Flider tell him we need to have free and open elections in Illinois too.

Late Edit: I guess I should explain what the bill does, DUH! The bill would lower the limit of signatures of third parties and indepedents to twice what the limit for established parties are. To become an established party for a race you must have recieved over 5% of the vote in that race in the previous election I believe. If you are not an established party then you must obtain 5% of the voters who voted in the last election signatures on your petition, whereas a demorat or republican only needs one percent i believe, and in congressional races I believe its one half of one percent versus five percent.