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Friday, March 04, 2005

I do not believe in the Chief

Well Illinois has now moved on to 29-0 and finished their home stretch undefeated. This brings me to my blog rant of today. I do not believe in Chief Illinwek. Some supporters of the Chief claim that he is the honoroed mascot of the University of Illinois, and people who feel disrespected should feel honored that they have chosen to use the Chief. My main disagreement with that is, they don't want to be honored. It is plain and simple, if you think you're honoring a group of people, and they're saying don't honor us we find this disrespectful, then don't do it. Other people might say well TDD you didn't go to Illinois, why should your opinion matter. Well my opinion should matter for a number of reason, first the University of Illinois is the land grant, flag ship University of this state, and thus does represent me. Hoosiers, Sooners, Long Horns, Bulldogs, Seminole, Hurricanes, they all are associated with a specific region or state, even though the people there might not be associated with it. I am sure I will draw much flack for this post, because it is a very unpopular idea in this area, but I speak out for what I believe no matter how unpopular the idea may be. I'm going to keep this a short post, but I'll leave you with this though, was Pekin, Illinois honoring the Chinese with its mascot the Chinks, or just being racist and ignorant, though the chief is not as bad, it isn't much different, better but still wrong if you will.