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Saturday, March 26, 2005


The Herald & Review did a write up of how much money each candidate has raised, as was the primary Shampine and Edwards on top in fundraising. I'm wondering if Edwards is planning a late hit, or what his ideas are, haven't seen too much of him. Now for the city council roundup:
1. Stockard - I got nothing
2. Edwards - Still no one has given a reason for why he should not be re-elected, this is a race for the open seat so far.
3. Shampine - Appears to have the momentum, the ground game and message seems to grow by the day.
4. McDaniel - Still out there
5. Caulkins - Now is not the time to have your campaign be off-focus, and it looks like it has become that way with the pollwatching/disenfranchising argument
6. Keck

I'll be back tommorow with a wrap up of this week, I haven't been in the blog mood, but there are a lot of issues to be addressed.