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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Richlad launched the push for its referendum on the April 5th ballot yesterday.
The campaign seeks approval April 5 of a tax increase that would keep property
taxes paid to Richland from going down. The proposal would raise the college's
tax levy by 6 cents per $100 equalized assessed valuation starting in 2006, just
as Richland pays off debts that make up that portion of the levy.The shift would
amount to $17.12 annually on an $85,950 house - an amount the taxpayer is
already paying - but it would add up to $1.1 million a year in additional
revenue for Richland. It would also eliminate the need for program cuts to avoid
a projected deficit of at least $2 million by 2010.N. Duane Noland, co-chairman
of Friends of Richland with Macon County Sheriff Jerry Dawson, said passing the
tax shift is even more critical, now that Richland's state funding is projected
to be cut about $800,000 for the fiscal year starting July 1.

I am proud to say I am on board with Richland 2014. As time progresses I think we will see more of an emphasis put onto the community college form of education. Particulary, amongst newly graduated young people, aka traditional four year college freshman. The only thing that suprises me from this article is that the committee claims they will be doing door to door canvassing. Any ideas on who will benefit the most from a Richland 2014 GOTV program in the city council election?