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Monday, March 28, 2005

School board elections

Steve Bean mentioned the School Board elections coming up, and I figured I would throw together a quick post on the candidates, I don't really want to do a cattle call, because I have no read whatsoever on it.

Terry Robinson - Incumbent 3 termer, teachers union is upset with him because of his refusal to abstain from any matters concering the Director (I believe that is the right term) of Human Resources, who just happens to be his wife. Seems to be a nice guy, as well as a very good speaker.
Jeff Perkins - IBEW 146's own, Jeff is a former school board member coming back to the board. I believe his experience is an asset, and wish him luck on getting back on.

Kevin Moore - Dynamic young guy who works for the Governor's office. He seems to be Wakeland's choice to replace him judging by his sign in Wakeland's front yard. A product of the Decatur schools he thinks it is time to start giving back. Good future ahead of him hopefully.

Jackie Bullard - Absolutely wowed the teachers in the endorsement session from what I hear. Active in Garfield school activities, as well as an assistant public defender for the appelate court in springfield, dealing mainly with juvenile deliquents. I believe she will bring a great approach to the board that hasn't been seen before.

Dan Winter - Teacher for 33 years, retired in 2001. As a former teacher he knows the problems our school district face first hand, but as a former teacher would he be willing to take the approach towards teachers some people think is needed? Time will tell.

Decatur Education Association has endorsed Jeff Perkins, Kevin Moore, Jackie Bullard, and Dan Winter. Five people for four seats, who is the odd man out?