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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Support our troops, not our veterans, a look from the Senate Republicans

Yesterday the U.S. Senate was debating the next fiscal year budget. After examining some of their votes its clear what their message is, support our troops, not our veterans.
Republicans Voted Against An Amendment to Provide for the Health Care Needs of Our Veterans. Senate Republicans voted against the Akaka/Murray amendment that would have increased the Veterans Affairs budget by $2.85 billion. The amendment would also rejects the President's proposal to cut funding to State veterans' homes, eliminate the means-test for veterans to enroll for VA care, provide for much-needed mental health services, rejects the President's proposal to drive veterans away from the VA with annual user fees and increased prescription drug costs. The amendment failed 47-53.
It is so nice to see that we send our troops to a poorly planned, unneeded war, and once they come home injured as veterans, well good luck guys thanks for the help! False patriotism is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. If we look at the incredible number of sacrifices our men and women in the armed service have made over the last 200 years to make this the greatest country in the world, and then compare them to the Republicans who have wrapped themselves in the flag and called any dissent un-American, well it's a no brainer who the better of the two groups are. My message to Republicans, support your troops and your veterans. Welcome new readers, sorry but there wont be much new content today. Happy St. Patricks Day!