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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tip 1

TDD hears that the Decatur School Board has hired a new assistant principal for MacArthur High School, my understanding is she is now the number two authority in one of the two largest high schools in our county. Lets take a look at her qualifications.
  1. Teacher for Five years
  2. Working on masters degree
  3. Daughter of a schoolboard member
Now I might be wrong here, but I have it on pretty good knowledge that their are plenty of more qualified indidviduals within the district, and by more qualified, I mean teachers that have taught more than five years for goodness sakes. I do believe this will do nothing to help with the discipline problem currently being had at MacArthur. 17 fights in 10 days is unreal, and something should have been done about it that was a little more far reaching than a school assembly. Decatur......we like it here?