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Monday, March 14, 2005

Tom Durbin going for the taxpayers' Triple Crown

Well it appears that Tom Durbin is indeed going to go for the taxpayers' Triple Crown, and by that I mean he is going to try and make it onto 3 different public payrolls. Making just over $60,000 most likely as a firefighter I can understand, its a public service and he deserves it. And, I think its great that on his off time he is willing to serve as a public official on the county board. But, when you add in the roughly $55,000 from the Decatur Township Supervisor's position that he wants to add under his belt that gets to be a bit ridiculous. I want someone in the Supervisor's office who is going to be the Supervisor full time, not when they are off duty from their other job. $120,000 a year from the public payrolls might just be the taxpayers' Triple Crown, we haven't seen a triple crown winner in baseball in a long long time, and I doubt we'll be seeing Durbin as one either.