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Friday, April 29, 2005

$2 Billion or $382 Billion

The Republican Congress last night passed a budget for this year that leaves a $382,000,000,000 budget deficit while at the same time handing out tax cuts to the tune of $106,000,000,000, the vast majority of which goes to the ultra wealthy who are already living fat thanks to Bush, while not allocating the full amount of money needed for Iraq and Afghanistan meaning another supplemental bill will be needed this year pushing the deficit up even higher for this year. I would think this would be of a key interest to people, but instead today's wonderful Herald & Review editorial board takes Sen. John Cullerton too task for proposing a bill which will not pass, and saying the only way to solve the budget problem is to reduce state government's size. I think the bigger issue would be to call on the Republicans in Washington to even at least pretend a bit that they care about fiscal responsibility, but instead they choose to focus on a $2 Billion dollar gap in Illinois, which will be harder to bridge by the way due to the Republicans cutting $10 Billion from the Medicaid budget being cut. But then again why criticize Republicans when you can take a swipe at a Democrat?