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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This might shock some of you to hear, but with the exception of Shampine losing, I would say last night was a good night overall for Democrats. We managed to hold on or expand almost everywhere. The Decatur Township Democrats swept with their whole slate winning. I can only hope that puts the blue house is evil meme to rest. We elected some good Democrat school board members. We elected a Democrat to the Richland Board. I'm sure I am going to hear from the flamers, yeah but what about the city council race. There were three things that could have happened last night with it, best case scenario, worst case scenario, and the status quo. Best case scenario, Mike and Shad get elected, worst case scenario Mike and Shad lose, status quo, Mike loses Shad wins or vice versa. Nothing really changed with that, so am I disappointed yeah, but am I upset no. I'll be back later with more and better analysis.