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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blunders and Wonders of the Week

My nomination for Blunder - Pres. Bush proposal on changing SS benefits - front page article in The Chicago Tribune about how even Republicans aren't supporting it, not the moderates but the conservative Republicans as well.

My nomination for Wonder - Rep. Shays R-Connecticut refusing to support Delay.

I guess I should make this clear because I am willing to bet there is some misunderstanding here. I don't dislike most Republicans. I count among my closest and most dear several ardent Republicans. I don't disagree with issues Republicans hold just because I am a Democrat. In fact I like the Republicans we have in local offices here, heck I don't even mine Judy Baar. However, the policies and actions the National Republicans over the last 5 years have taken, have left me angry and outraged at them. I enjoy the meaningful dialogue that has taken place on this and other area blogs, and hope that they served to keep things civil and rational. Keep up the good work everyone, and know that I respect all of your thougts and all of you.