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Friday, April 22, 2005

County Administrator

The talk of a county administrator has come to the forefront again. I am a bit confused because it seems some believe that if we have a county administrator, then we can't have a county auditor. The herald and review article on this same subjects points out that Champaign County has two county administrators, but they also have an auditor as well. On the whole I am not in favor of a county administrator, for the same reason I am not in favor of a city manager. I believe if we instill people with power, such as that a county administrator or city manager has, they should be answering to the voters, not 4 or 11 people. Though I agree with Oliver, the time of business by committee has passed. Might it be in the best interest of the county to have a full time board chairman, or possibly look into the executive form of government f or the county. Both interesting prop0sal, that would hopefully ensure everything is being done the same way a county administrator would, but they would be answering to the voters as well.