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Saturday, April 23, 2005

input and advice

On the advice of some people, who's opinions I tend to value, I have for the time being taken down comments. I've been undertaking something new for me over the last month which has slowly but surely greatly dwindled my time I have to devote to this. I would like the advice from all of you on what my policy on comments should be. What Im tentatively looking at is a team approach with other people who I trust monitoring the comments as well, with the ability to delete the profane and libelous comments. If you feel you are up to this challenge, or have other suggestions email me at TheDecaturDemocrat@gmail.com and let me know your thoughts, Marucco, LightnerForMayor, JacksonFile, Bob Sampson, and hey even some of our republican bloggers, I strongly encourage you to email me about this as well. Look for comments to be down for the next few days.