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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is Poshard up to something?

A late notice of DownLeft a southern Illinois based blog let me in on this little tidbit of information

The Poshard Question

Marking earth day the Southern Illinoisan ran an article about Glen Poshard's new campaign to beautify the region. The positive article makes a good point that litter is a problem across Southern Illinois and I am glad some efforts are being made to address the issue, especially considering the wonderful natural beauty of the region...

That being said there is a political impact to this story. Democratic insiders have wondered for several months just exactly what Poshard is up to. Glenn was a longtime resident of Marion however in the fall of 2004 he moved to Murphsyboro about 25 Miles away. By making the move he changed State Senate, State Rep and Congressional districts.

One of the interesting aspects of the SI story is Poshard states there are organizers for the cleanup committee in 16 counties....sounds like how one would organize a political campaign to me.

The move combined with the step up in media presence make his activities a question, especially since he has no desire to return to Washington. Maybe an attempt to return to Statewide politics is in the cards....stay tuned.
If so I am eagerly anticipating, Poshard and I differ signifigantly on almost every Social issue there is, but I don't know what it is about this guy, he is by far my favorite public servant I have ever had. Here's to hoping that he comes back one more time.