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Monday, April 11, 2005

My analysis

While I haven't had the time to crunch the final numbers or look at precint by precint results, I'll give you a recap of what I just emailed Dan Caulkins with. This is what I think happened, Shampine took the ground game, Caulkins took the air game, sometimes the ground game works sometimes teh air game works. I think they were both in contention for the same seat. McDaniels didn't grow much from the primary to now, and I expected that. He is a great guy, and I hope he sticks around, but I didn't see him making the final cut. Stockard and Edwards were guaranteed to stay on, in fact Edwards didn't have to do anything to get re-elected. How nice that must be. So what it came down to were Shampine and Caulkins going for the same seat. Caulkins did a media campaign, Shampine did a ground campaign. Both cant be winners, Caulkins won, oh and the DUI didn't help. I'll be back later.