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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pope John Paul II

To be honest I didn't think I would be moved to much by the Pope's passing. It was inevitable, we all knew it was coming, for all intents and purposes there was a media countdown. But, after it happened, I suprised myself. Thinking of all that man has strived for his whole life isn't much more different then mine. He was a conservative prelate, but at the same time he recognized the fact that if you believe in "the culture of life" then that has to be all life. You can't be against abortions, and pro-death penalty, you can't be pro-life and pro-iraq. He recognized the fact that though we may disagree, in the end we are all sons and daughters of a great and mighty god, that we owe it to each other to care and provide for others when they cannot do it themselves. He recognized that each person no matter how high and mighty, or how low and shameful they may be has an inherent worth to them as a human being, and that as such we all are equal, he was the rare person who could walk with kings, yet not lose the common touch. Above all, he was a great man, who loved and cared for all that he met, if we all took a lesson from him this would be a just and righteous world. We're losing to many of the ones we need most, I sincerely hope we have all learned lessons from those that we have lost this year.