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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rants regarding Lane

From The Inside Dope a Republican left a comment talking about Lane and his health, in reply came the best. rant. ever.
Here Here, Republican Joe! It is about time for someone to come forward without any moral compunctions about discrimination on the basis of physical disability! For far too long, Republicans have brandished their prejudice with a base alloy of hypocrisy and pretext! Good for you, republicanjoe, for coming out and saying what the rest of your party thinks but does not say. The God that you Republicans invoke for the purpose of gaining political power is a wrathful one indeed. There is no place in his Heaven for gimps or queers.

I, for one, agree with you. After all, why SHOULD we be represented by someone who has the misfortune of an affliction with Parkinson's Disease, when there are so many potential candidates out there who do not suffer from physical disabilities?

While we're on the subject, if you ask me, they should have gotten rid of the Pope the first time his hand trembled! That cripple's time had come and gone years ago! And, of course, Dennis Hastert is fat. We should get rid of him. God knows that obesity creates a veritable plethora of health problems, all of which might interfere with his ability to serve as Speaker of the House. And don't get me started on Rehnquist! Can you BELIEVE that our Supreme Court is led by a man afflicted with cancer!? If God meant for him to preside over our high court, he would not have afflicted him with a terminal disease!

Americans with Disabilities Act my ass! I do not know WHAT those Democrats were thinking when they enacted legislation to protect those weaker than us. I am sick and tired of wheelchair ramps and Braille elevator buttons. It's about time we bring back good ol' stairs and blind people getting off on the wrong floor! God created physical disabilities for the purpose of separating the wheat from the chaff. So let's get rid of the chaff and start electing the wheat!

Indeed, republicanjoe, it is time for the poor, the weak and the disabled to get out of the way. For the republicans are coming, backed with the invocation of an angry and wrathful God, unburdened by the annoyance of compassion for the poor and the weak, unfettered by the hindrance of fundamental protections guaranteed by a once great Constitution.
I couldn't write it better myself. People like Lane and Pope John Paul II should serve as an inspiration. It would be easy enough to sit on the sidelines and say I can't do this, it is too hard on my body. But, instead they have both exhibited courage and strength by continously fighting for what they believe is right, even given the circumstances that should be setting them back. Attacking someone with a long history of great service by labeling them everything short of crippled is despicable, and I would certainly hope good Republicans in the 17th District would denounce such hateful campaigning.