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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Class Warfare vs. Religious Warfare

VPCheney's comments from a few days ago have had me thinking for a long while now. In his comments he seemed quick to attack myself and other Democrats as trying to rely on class warfare because I said poor people deserve tax breaks more than rich people. In fact he used the "stop inciting class warfare" argument against several people. This got me thinking which is worse class warfare or religious warfare?

Let me be very clear what I mean when I say religious warfare, I am referring to the National Republican leaders that take part in events such as "Stop the filibuster against people of faith", as if the only reasons Democrats would filibuster these justices is because they are christian, the Republican Leaders who use wedge issues such as gay marriage and others to fire up their base at the expense of espousing hate against others, the Republican leaders who insist that they know what is best for our country, that their religious beliefs must be what becomes law in D.C., the right wing ministers who announce on national TV that federal judges are a bigger threat to America than al qaeda or Nazi Germany. That my friend is religious warfare by the right and it is worse than any class warfare short of outright revolution by the lower classes than you can imagine. To use religion to the ends that these people have is digusting.

Your leaders, your party, don't have a claim to the mantle of religion. Yet they act as they do, that the simple notion that a Democrat could be anything more than a secular, baby killing, welfare mooching, draft dodging, god hater is unbelievable. You have a leadership and a national party that has used religion to incite hate against others, and to divide rather than unite America. That my friend is much worse than any division that has ever been created by "class warfare."