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Monday, May 02, 2005

Happenings at DMH

Matt Jackson hopped on it first, I figured I would let him because it hit his blog first, but what is going on here?
I'm curious about this one.
I know the physicians in Decatur are considering circling the wagons, and bracing for some sort of federal investigation - so far I haven't been able to figure out exactly what is being investigated! As far as I can tell, the doc's themselves don't know what's up, either.
Subpoenas are flying right and left (120 is the number I've heard). It does seem a little odd that DMH, being a major employer and a major player in the city, isn't doing all they can to get out in front of this issue.

Anybody have ideas on what's up?
Is DMH building a Carle-style empire?
What are the fed's looking into?
Has anyone heard anything about this, is it rumor or based on something more than that? I have always been a bit confused with the med-mal crisis and how hard it is to be a doctor in Illinois these days that DMH is always expanding. So let's hear it folks, what is the real scoop here?