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Friday, May 06, 2005

Using Religion to Divide, a guide to Christ

I dont even know what to say right now. Let me start off by posting a few links.
They were literally kicked out of the church for being Democrats. I am without words for this, never before have I seen such an ugly, wrong, un-christian display of intolerance by a pastor. The members of his church were told if they voted for John Kerry they had two options, repent or leave the church. You repent for sins, taking part in Democracy is not a sin, at least it isn't yet. It seems almost that the line in the sand is being drawn by these people, either you are with us or you're against Christ is the line they are trying to draw. If you disagree with that statement, well you're wrong. That is what is being done by these people. They don't represent the mainline of the Republican party I hope, and as such they should be denounced for their action. I am not one to actively pursue things but this morning I wrote a long letter to both Sens. Dole and Barr - R N.C. asking them to denouce the hatred their constituents are spreading. Because that is what it is hatred, being incited and spread in the name of religion. I can't even get on to the last two articles because I'm so upset right now. You're either with us or againt Christ, go .... It's a sad state of Christianity when only 40 other members out of 300 left the church in protest. So much for love they neighbor, I guess it should state love thy Neighbor-R. Pricks.