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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Trib or The Onion

It would be funny if it was the Onion, as it is its still funny. From today's Chicago Tribune in an article on Kraft and Harris Bank's Sponsorship of the Gay Games VII.
Randy Sharp, director of special projects for American Family Association, said he was shocked to learn that Kraft, the corporate giant behind brands such as Oreo, Tang and Jell-O, would openly support what he considers a "dangerous" and "unhealthy activity."
"When you look at all the Kraft commericals, they all revolve around family and children," Sharp said. "Now if I go buy Kraft mac and cheese, I'll know that part of my dollar is going to sponsor Olympic-type games for men that have sex together."
The horrors, the horrors men that have sex together participating in Olympic-type Games. Oh wait that already happens, hey Randy guess what I even hear gay people are in the real Olympics! And, I bet that gay people might even work at Kraft. Now if you go buy some Kraft mac and cheese, you'll know that part of your dollar is going to pay GAY people. Quick start the boycott, more Oreos for me.